Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Scary? Yes.

“Do I really think we’re going to go back to the point where women won’t be able to have abortions or birth control is going to be rationed? That’s just silly to even think of,” said Ms. Hogan, who works at a small company and spoke in a follow-up interview. “Some women do still get really riled up by that, but I think it’s just a scare tactic. Really, you think women are that dumb?”

I don't think it's silly and I don't think it's a tactic.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


America is a nation of sound bites, superheroes and short memories. The disenchanted and the undecided may feel no real change happened during President's  four years in office. I suggest everyone read The New Yorker's Endorsement of Barrack Obama and also keep in mind that change is seldom instant. The momentous acts of change occurring in my lifetime - the Berlin Wall, the end of apartheid, the disarming of the IRA - all were almost glacial in their pace towards fundamentally altering long held beliefs and history.

Change is slow, but the alternative is a lightning quick path backwards. And we cannot go back. As women, mothers, sisters, and daughters, we cannot allow a party, whose increased conservatism so threatens the autonomy of women's lives and health, to increase their power.

I believe the seeds of hope and change were planted when Barack Obama was elected and since becoming a United States citizen in the spring 2009, I feel extremely privileged that my first vote in a presidential election will be one to reelect him for a second term.