Saturday, October 8, 2011


The first incarnation of The Felt Cervix Project comprised of a dozen wet and needle felted cervices. They were interesting, but lacked the impact that a larger pile would have. I knew I couldn't make it happen on my own and gained inspiration from  the collaborative projects of Larissa Brown and Robyn Love. The project utilizes another form of felting, where a piece is knit on larger needles then purposely shrunk. Known as fulling, this seemed to be the best way to achieve a relatively uniform result from many needles and hands.

On this blog you will soon find a pattern to make a cervix along with instructions on where to send it. As the cervices are collected, a unique serial number will be assigned, attached to each one, and your name added as a participant. The project will be submitted to galleries and shows, both nationally and internationally.

The Felt Cervix Project tips its hat to performance artist and sexecologist Annie Sprinkle, who famously invited people to view her cervix. In a somewhat similar manner, the project aims to highlight the importance of sexual and reproductive familiarity, education and empowerment, but also focus on the collective femininity that knitting harnesses. As an artist, the making of a large scale sculpture out of small, soft shapes helps to shift the traditional male-monumental paradigm. I hope that you will return to this page, participate, and watch the project grow.

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